Free ways to Download A YouTube Video Without Any Apps


 YouTube is one of the most popular stream platforms in recent times. There are many more platforms equivalent to YouTube, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Zee 5. No matter how many platforms there are, YouTube is different from everyone else because it is completely free. Learn How to download a youtube video without any apps


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The current number of daily YouTube users is about 122 Million.1 billion hours of content is watched across the world every day. Every day, the videos we watch contain many videos that we need to download. But it is not possible to download them without the help of specific software.


In today’s post, we will discuss with you some of the sites that do not need to be installed directly on your phone or computer but you can use them directly through various websites to download the YouTube video you need in mp3, mp4, or any other format. You can also download Facebook videos through these. And the video converter feature is there.


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1. Download a YouTube Video Download By Yt1s

With Yt1s you can easily download any kind of YouTube video. Only the link to the video with the link. It also allows you to download YouTube videos directly to mp3. There are also video convert and Facebook video download features. Can be used in many languages.

2. YouTube Video Download By SaveFrom

Savefrom is a digital Video downloading platform. You can easily download your favourite youtube videos using savefrom. First, go to favourite videos and then copy the video link, paste it inside the destination place of savefrom and you are ready for download. Savefrom also supports chrome extensions (Only available on Pc). It is a great video downloading place. You can also download Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter videos 

3. YouTube Video Download By DDOWNR

Have you ever thought of downloading a full playlist inside a second? Can you Imagine no hassle of copying a single link at a time? Just Copy a playlist link and BOOM! Highly recommended for everyone


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